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Standard Length. We made our products available in standard length so that you can be sure that our products will fit on your standard sized beds and couches.

We have a wide range of products available:

  • Bases for futons
  • Mattresses for futons
  • Mattress Covers for futons
  • Futon Sets

Our standard length is 188cm! We have the standard length available in all of our Futon sizes:

  • Single (91cm width)
  • 3-Quarter (107cm width)
  • Double (137cm width)
  • Queen (152cm width)
  • King (183cm width)

Why invest in a Futon Set?

With the economy as it is, people are scaling down on most things. One of the biggest change can be moving or living in a smaller area. Therefore, futons are perfect to make optimal use of your space. During the day it can serve as a comfortable lounging area, however, at night it can convert into a modern sleeping area. No need to worry about having a spare bedroom when you have a futon couch/sleeper at your disposal.

Furthermore, this futon couch is extremely lightweight. It is made out of Pine and can be moved easily. Therefore, you don’t need any man to help you move things around! You can do it yourself!

Lastly, but in in the least, Futons add a certain flair of elegance to any space. If you’re looking for rustic classic furniture pieces, you came to the right place because that is exactly what we offer!

In conclusion:

Our Futon couches come in:

  • 5 Sizes
  • 2 Lengths
  • 7 Colours
  • Multipurpose (Couch and Sleeper Couch)

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