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Futon Mattress


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Our Futon Mattress is so popular that we have decided to make them available on our site separately.

Technical Details of Futon Mattress:

  • 70% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 10% Acrylic
  • 18cm Thick

**This product does not include a cover. Please view our Futon Covers on our shop page to see our selection.

Sizing Options:

At Futon Dreams, we understand that one size does not necessarily fit all! That’s why we not only have multiple sizes in width available, but also in length!

We currently have the following sizing options available:

  • Single (91cm width)
  • 3-Quarter (107cm width)
  • Double (137cm width)
  • Queen (152cm width)
  • King (183cm width)

Futon Mattress Sizes

Additionally, we also have two separate lengths available for our futon mattress:

  • Standard Length ( 188cm)
  • Extra Length (200cm)


Why should you invest in a Futon Mattress?

Futon Mattresses are affordable, comfortable and easy to maneuver. Most matresses are a hassle to move, fold and use in any other place than your bedroom on its bed base. However, our futon mattresses are designed to be foldable to accommodate the chair/couch setting of our futons, yet they are still easy to unfold and lay flat for the bed set of our couches.

These mattresses are guaranteed to be a favorite for your family, friends and, pets!

Accessories for our mattress:

While you can buy the mattress on its own, you can also add some awesome accessories on your way to checkout. You can invest in different covers (Currently we stock 7 different colours: Black, navy, red, natural beige, khaki, stone and, lime-green).

Therefore, you never have to worry about getting bored and paying outrageous fees for reupholstering, simply buy a new futon cover and you are good to go with a brand new look and feel to your entire space.

Furthermore, you can invest in our pine futon base, this means that you will be able to use the mattress in a couch position during the day, and transform it into a bed at night.No need to stress about extra space for guests!

Check out our online shop for futon base and mattress sets!


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