Futon – Discover The True Meaning.

Futon – You may have heard of people speaking about Futon Beds and that it is one of the new trends of “must-have”. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself this one simple question: “What is a Futon Bed?”

Futon Cover: Studded vs. Unstudded

A Futon Cover brings the whole look together, Therefore, it is important that you choose carefully and know exactly what you are ordering. That is why we decided to explain exactly what we mean when we say studded and unstudded cover!

Futon Bed: What’s the hype about?

You’ve heard about the infamous Futon bed. Or if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably seen it in movies, magazines and series. But what is this mysterious bed/couch/lounger thing. And why is there such a massive hype around this product?