Futon Bed: What’s the hype about?

You’ve heard about the infamous Futon bed. Or if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably seen it in movies, magazines and series. But what is this mysterious bed/couch/lounger thing. And why is there such a massive hype around this product? 

We’ve come to answer all your questions! 

Futon Meaning

Let’s get started with the basics. What is a Futon, where does it come from, and why is it such a loved product? 

Futons are padded, unsprung mattresses that are flexible. They can be folded in half, or rolled up. Therefore, Futons can serve as couches during the day (or can be packed away in a closet) but act as a bed at night. 

These simplistic, yet elegant, furniture designs has it’s origins rooted in Japan. It is common for people to use a Futon mattress as a bed at night, thereafter storing it away in a big closer so that the space can be used for other purposes during the day. 

Are Futon Bed Mattresses good for your back?

Futon Beds have been used in Japanese household for centuries. It has steadily gained traction in the rest of the world in the last decade. While this may be due to the accessibility of information (blog, social media and the internet) it might also be because of the fact that people are more inclined to look for simpler ways of doing things that benefit their own health.

This leads us to the important question: Is a Futon Bed good for your back? 

While many may claim that it is more about the position in which you lay, rather than the surface on which you lay, there is something to be said about the benefits of sleeping on a Futon. 

Sleeping on a flat surface can help you back and neck realign. Sleeping on a Futon Bed for the first few night may feel odd. However, you might soon come to realize that your posture during the day improves and that slouching may become uncomfortable. 

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a good posture? 


What are futon mattresses made of

At Futon Dreams, we strive to make the most practical, yet comfortable mattresses. Therefore, we invest in high quality Futon Mattresses. They are made of: 

Furthermore, our mattresses are 14 cm thick to ensure that you have a comfortable seat, lounge session or sleeping session! Additionally, we have Futon Mattress Covers to ensure that your futon bed mattress stays protected and clean. These mattress covers are 100% Cotton (Bull Denim) and are available in 7 different colours. 

Top Reasons why you should switch to futon bed mattresses:

Safety purposes

Okay, so for some people this will not make sense. But when you are a parent of a very active baby or toddler, you will most probably understand why we’ve added this specific point into the reasons why you should consider buying a futon bed. For children, it’s easy to roll off/fall off when they are not used to sleeping on a bed yet. With A Futon Mattress your mattress is almost on the floor level, no heights. Therefore, when a child falls or rolls off of it, you don’t have to panic!

Furthermore, if you have kids you’ll know they just love jumping on mattresses. With a Futon, that risk of jumping and hurting themselves are virtually non-existent. 

Multipurpose Furniture

So this point has many aspects to it. Therefore, we will start with the most basic: 

It is easily managed, packed away and taken out again. Futon Bed mattresses are flexible. Therefore, they can be stored in a closet, rolled up and compacted so they are out of sight when you don’t need them. 

At Futon Dreams we provide a low bed frame that can be converted into three positions:

  • Sitting Position

This requires the Futon to be folded and serve as a couch. 

  • Lounging Position

With this position, you can lounge/recline comfortably without laying down fully. 

  • Bed Position

The third, and last, position our Futons have built-in, is a complete bed position. Where yo can lay down and catch a snooze on a comfortable futon bed!

Additionally, the fact that the futon bed can be converted into a lounger and couch, will enable you to use a space for more than one purpose. Have a spare bedroom but also need an office? No problem. Use the Futon as a couch in your office, and when you have guests, easily convert the couch into a Futon Bed!

Queen Size Futon

Flexibility of usage

So you love the idea of Futon Bed Mattresses, but you are on the edge regarding the firmness of these mattresses? No problem. With Futons you can comfortably stack them if you are looking for a softer surface. 

Furthermore, the mattresses are made out of Cotton, Polyester and Acrylic. Therefore, the cotton can absorb some of your body moisture. However, due to the fact that the futon bed mattresses are so flexible, the can be hung on the washing line in the sun. 2 or 3 hours of direct sunlight will make your cotton futon look as good as new! 

Last, but not least, at Futon Dreams we know that not everyone is a fan of sleeping directly on the futon mattress. Therefore, we have designed a range of stylish covers in seven different colours, and two different textures so that you can be sure you get what you want. 


Futon Beds have a way fo fitting into almost any space. The design at Futon Dreams can be described as rustic elegant. However, these Futons will fit anywhere you place them. Whether you have a more modern and sleek home, to even the most classically rustic home. 

These multipurpose furniture pieces are sure to be the talk of the show with their unique look and feel. 

Furthermore, you can get the futon bed covers in studded (non-removable) or un-studded (removable and washable) in seven different colours: Black, Red, Khaki, Cream, Lime-Green, Navy and, Stone


As previously mentioned, we focus on customer satisfaction. Therefore, we ensure that our range has something for everyone. 

Our Futon Beds are available in five different sizes: 


These sizes are standards and can be bought with or without a Futon Base made out of untreated pine. 

Furthermore, we have two lengths available.We know that some people are in desperate need of a mattress that is suited to their length. 

"We've got your back, or should we rather say feet, covered with our Extra Length Futon Mattress, Base and covers!

Replacement parts for your futon bed

No need to replace your entire Futon if only one part has been worn down. 

We sell all the individual parts of our Futon Beds on our online furniture store. Therefore, you always have a futon manufacturer that can provide replacement parts at your fingertips! Which replacement parts do we sell on our online shop? 


No matter which element of your futon bed has worn down, you can simply go online and buy a replacement. No need to replace the whole bed! 

Go on and browse our online shop for more information and pricing on our Futons!